Why HR as A Service?

HR as a Service provides an integrated user interface with in-built programs and functions which can automate processes which were once done manually by you or your team (or, as is frequently the case, not done due to pressure of work). Typically, these include calculating payrolls or entering travel expenses and leave records.

HR Duo’s service enables you and your team to shift focus to core business activities and freedom from tedious work. Unlike on-site Human Resource resources, HR as a Service does not need much investment in deploying or maintaining IT and infrastructure and can considerably reduce costs.

The productivity of your workforce will increase significantly when HR Duo becomes involved. We provide consistent and visible activity reports. We apply standards across the board. You will see quick changes in behaviour and improved business outcomes.

The HR Duo platform gives easy access to master data through common user portals that can be remotely accessed by both employees and managers. A single point for all human resource needs increases the capability to quickly adapt to innovations in technology and rapidly scale where required.

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