Why Services and Technology?

The simple answer is - because you need both to manage your HR requirements effectively. Technology is of course an important element of HR management, but a computer system on its own can't resolve people challenges. To do that effectively you need people. And not just any person, you need real experts with experience in the particular area.

So, if it's an employee relations issue you need an expert in Employee Relations, if it's policies and procedures, you need a policy and documentation expert, and so on.

Here's some of the tasks we do on your behalf:

  • Recruiting (the whole process)
  • Issuing contracts
  • Resolving performance issues
  • Disciplinary matters
  • All your HR risk management and compliance
  • Exit management

When you're with HR Duo, our specialists are ready when you need them. We employ experts across the full range  of HR disciplines so you know no matter what turns up, your HR team will have experience and knowledge required to resolve the challenge. And our state of the art computer system is part of the package.

Interested in finding out how we do this? Just fill in the form and we will be in touch.